When Three Became Four

Hey everyone! It has been a while… well nearly 2 years to be exact since my last post. What’s the reason behind my radio silence?! LIFE. It got real busy, really quickly and then before you know it my blogs became that unfinished book put back on the shelf; all dusty and forgotten.

But I have been enjoying life and along with continuing my business we have another addition to the family!

So to all my old followers and soon to be new, let me reintroduce my beautiful family.


Well hello again, I’m Angelina, aged 34 and I’m a Christian, wife, full time Mummy, a daughter, sister, auntie and hopefully a good friend to some. I also have a small decor business which has been running since Dec 2016 called Picture This Decor where I make and sell Personalised Decor, Frames & Gifts.

I try and work this around my children and family life as that is the most important thing to me but equally I love being able to have something that solely belongs to me.

I love clothes shopping, looking at interior accounts, Netflix bingeing and socialising (when I get the chance) but most of all I love being a home body and staying in with my family.


And this handsome man here is Miquel, he’s 30 years old and is an awesome dad to our children. Miquel is very creative and is a ‘man of many trades’ as he can play the piano, drums, he’s very good at drawing and our handyman around the house. He also sings, raps and writes songs; so you can already guess there’s never a dull moment when he’s around!


And this beautiful little girl is our rainbow baby Nia-Mae aka ‘Nee Nee’. She’s 2 and a half years old but has a mature face and character to match; she has also recently become a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ which secretly breaks my heart! Nee is so loving and kind it amazes me everyday just how much she is growing, changing and learning from the environment around her. She is currently potty training which is going ‘fairly well’ but I know these things take time and she is a child who learns from consistency so will eventually get the hang of it.

Nia-Mae interacts with others well, loves music and dancing, drawing and colouring, building and putting objects in containers and emptying them out. She also loves to dress up in pretty clothes and accessories and be in front of the camera (as you will soon find out)

Her speech is coming along amazingly and we’re so impressed at some of the language she uses which is the correct context that you would expect in a conversation. Nia-Mae is a bright little girl who makes her parents continually proud everyday!


Here is our newest addition at nearly 4 months young, Josiah aka ‘JJ’. Josiah was born in October 5th 2018 and his presence into our family has been with such ease, it’s like he has always been around.

Josiah also loves to interact and be around others, he absolutely adores his mummy and this is clearly shown by his ‘special gaze and smiles’ when he sees me. He feeds well with milk and loves watching his sister play, dance and generally entertain him. He will soon be starting his weaning journey along with sleep training (so fun times ahead)!

He currently loves cuddling up next to Mummy as we co-sleep together so I’m really hoping he’ll adopt well to the idea of sharing a room with his sister. I can’t wait to watch them together playing, laughing and enjoying each other’s company but they’ve already been best of friends from birth!

I look forward to continuing sharing this journey of Motherhood, Faith, Mumpreneurship, Home Activities, Product Reviews And Family Fun & Holidays so hang around and enjoy getting to know us all.

Thank you for reading!

The World Of A Mumpreneur 

Hey everyone! So it’s currently pouring down with rain, my daughter is content playing and I’ve decided to take a break from my orders today but only because I need more supplies but while I have that opportunity I thought I’d catch up with blogging…

It has been super hard juggling so many balls in the air including blogging but I’m going to continue doing my best because I find this therapeutic; like writing in a diary only that it’s viewed publically! 

Today I’m going to write my quickly my experiences on how I’ve found it so far being a ‘mumprenuer’ as the popular term is at the moment. 

For those of you that are not aware I started my small business just before the new year called Picture.This Frame (for some reason the link isn’t working) but the web address is 


I unexpectedly found I had a creative side which was birthed while looking for personalised Christmas presents for my family members on behalf of my daughter. I wanted to get them personalised frames that they could put their photographs in as they don’t live close so don’t get to see her often. 

While late at night an idea popped into my head that I could make them myself although I have no prior skill in art or craft at all! I searched materials and embellishments that I liked and put something together which actually turned out decent. My husband was also impressed and I started seeing what other frames I could create and the idea grew from there! I bravely set up an Instagram account and an Etsy shop and the outcome has astonished me so much from all the positive feedback, praise and encouragement from the publc. 

It has been 3 months since this all began and the journey has been a hard but exciting one so far, thankfully I have a daughter who is in an established routine so I currently work around her sleep times and occasionally when she is content playing by herself but due to all my frames being handmade myself this takes a considerable amount of time and I take pride in my work being a perfectionst that each frame has to be exactly the way the customer wants; resulting in an average time of 1 1/2-2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted time per frame (dependant on the design) but if I am working around Nia-Mae then this is obviously longer. 

I sit here smiling to myself thinking its actually funny that I was adamant that I could never do anything creative or have the will power or drive to run my own business and although this is small beginnings I have already learnt many lessons along the way in what works and doesnt work through the kind words and advice from other business owners and also social media being a powerful and main platform for reaching my clientele. 

I have great respect for all those that have created and grafted their business from scratch because although I enjoy what I do there have already been frustrating times where ive felt to pack it all in! Multi-tasking is difficult to master in this business and I personally I think especially for a mother who has her own business as this does not remove her title or duties and for myself I am also a wife with a husband that needs my attention…

As I work from my dinning room table I often look over towards the direction of my husband and daughter and feel guilty for not spending my evenings with them. I do my best to fulfil my orders at the beginning of the week so to have as much free time for my family as possible but this is still a working practice! But I am a firm believer of quality over quantity so when I do catch up on family time it is throughly enjoyed… 

My dream is one day being able to have this as my full time job having the comfort of working from home, setting my own hours and even choosing to work in my PJ’s with the washing machine as background noise if I want! But I now currently take all the experiences I can in order to nuture my God given gift into providing special and personlised keepsakes and decor for homes and events. I am so excited to what the future holds and pray that I have an abundance of ideas and that my creativity never funs dry. 

I am deeply humbled that people would want to purchase something I have made and place it in thier homes and it is the positive reviews and feedback from customers and supporters that keeps me going through the early morning starts to the late night finishes! 

Lastly but not at all leastly I want to say A BIG THANK YOU to all my customers because by  supporting my small business you make it that much more achieveable in reaching my dreams!!! 

You can follow Picture.This Frame on-

Instagram:- @picture.this__xo

Facebook:- @picture.thisframe2


Marriage, Motherhood and Maintenance 

As I amend the drafted date and insert the new one a wave of calm and nostalgia come over me… I’ve really missed blogging, just being able to express my feelings, fears, desires, expectations, ventures all visually via my keypad. 

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and all due to a BUSY period. Time has just flown by… with Christmas nearly already being a distant memory! 

So how has your New Year set off so far?? For myself I must say I’m pretty pleased with what I’m accomplishing so far (although there are still areas lacking and in need of amendment) I am trusting and relying on God to assist me with, cos this woman over here often has no clue most days. It’s ONLY by God’s grace that I have come this far. 

So as my title states I’ll break it all down for ya… 


So this here is my gorgeous loving, loyal, hard-working and dedicated husband! We’ve been married 3 years and 5 months and it has been a rollercoaster ride. I’m not going to charade and make it out that it’s been a fairy tale and ‘happily ever after’ because it hasn’t. Christ has been that link that has and is continuing to hold us together, when at times either one of us doesn’t ‘feel’ like being a husband or a wife to each other we continue in our efforts of ‘daily dying to ourselves’ and preserve through.

That’s what I’ve learnt along the years that love and marriage definitely isn’t based on feelings but is a choice. Our selfish flesh always looks out for ‘me, myself and I’ while love focuses on the best interests and needs of the ‘other person’! 

Reflecting over last year really allows me to somberly feel convicted over how I can sometimes take my marriage for granted. The passion, energy and excitement that was put into the foundation of friendship, dating and the delighted anticipation of getting married can seem so easily smouldered by routine, bills, work, church and friends. 

Of course all of that is a natural function of life  but how did it transition into a monotonous cycle that could almost be perceived as Groundhog Day. One simple answer… Investment! Growth in any area requires attention, nurture, habit, evaluation, change, support and increase. If this is so for tangible things such as employment, health, wealth and hobbies how much more should be for our spouses??!

“I need to consciously ensure I daily desposit into our account of love in preparation of ‘rainy days’ so there will always be an abundance of savings previously invested”

My husband is a blessing to myself, my daughter and our home!!! My aim and challenge for this year is to study and actively try to be the best help-meet for him; speaking his love language and purposefully investing all that I have into our marriage.

I look forward to many more years of adventures! 


Over these past four months of looking after my daughter it has revealed and stretched me in so many areas that prior to being a mother were not even thought about. Being a mother means all the time and attention that was spent on my needs cant always be achieved at that specific moment. There’s a little human that doesn’t understand the pile of dirty dishes in the sink need to be washed, dinner that needs to be prepared, a washing basket that is starting to look like the Leaning Tower Of Pisa or the fact that you have a schedule to meet and need to shower and be ready on time so your not late to a venue. The transition into motherhood has allowed me to re-evaluate priories that some of those things don’t matter at that exact time BUT also it is up to me to arrange my time accordingly so that these things are not neglected. This has taken me a lot of juggling and sacrifice, to utilise the time my daughter is sleeping often neglecting sleep, that hot cup of tea or the catch up of my favourite programme. Yes I have learnt these things but with everything in life there has to be balance!! I have achieved this by setting routine and structure, children need consistency and conscious habits; structured bed times and the choice to no longer co-sleep have helped all of us to not only get a good nights sleep but to also revel in each of our along time. 

Alone time for a baby you ask… YES!! Nia-Mae is seeing many new things in her environment, developing daily and exploring new exploits accompanied along with constant human interact can often be very tiring. I believe that as mothers and parents in our efforts to ensure development and interaction through communication we can at times over stimulate their precious tiny minds, by studying my daughters cues, signals and behaviours it has allowed me to understand her needs at that precise time and act accordingly to the best of my ability. Do I get it wrong? At times yes especially in the very early stages but cutting myself some slack with daily reminders that all this is new allows me to enjoy the process and uncertainty in my role of motherhood! 

In the further development and achievement of milestones yet to come, I have to accept that I will be clueless in many efforts,at times make many mistakes. In all that which is out of my control and comfort zone I will eternally be grateful and continue to enjoy this beautiful journey named motherhood! 


Prior to being a wife and a mother, I very much believed in working hard and playing hard. I would invest in the upkeep of having my hair done at the hairdressers, the renewal of my nail extensions and the splurge of shopping sprees at times I often regretted purchasing as soon as I walked out the shop door. This was SINGLE LIFE. 
Entering into marriage I strongly believed the concept of ‘not letting myself go’ just because I am now married. I would try make time for the maintenance routine in the same manner I was accoustomed to while single, only to soon find that many of those things I had the luxury in paying for would soon have to be replaced with DIY upkeep! 

Yes it may take half the day to wash, blow-dry and straighten my hair but the adjusted priorities of shared currency with my newly wed husband soon brought me into check. Thankfully I still hand the means to go to the hairdressers but the difference is where it was an automatic response now took planning and preparation with a before thought of not just how that decision impacted me but also my husband. 

Fast forward a few years to now being a mummy and the whole persona of maintenance and up keep is now a whole different ball game!!! My thought process of making sure I look good at all times has now been replaced for ‘only on a need to basis’. Half a day spent on the upkeep of my hair has quickly been replaced to low maintenance and protective hairstyles, my nails often go weeks without being manicured and painted and my once luxurious lifestyle of shopping sprees are now a distant memory replaced with bills, nappies and food! The time I do get to buy anything is for my daughter and replaced with online browsing and ordering. 

I am still in the learning process that the added benefits of maintenance have to be planned but yet flexible… yes I still believe in the importance of upkeep and ‘not letting myself go’ but thankfully my mindset has matured into not only thinking what’s best for myself but for the family which I care about and love! 
Here are a few of my quick and daily preparation and ‘fix-its’ 

  1. I get ready at least 2 hours ahead of the intended time so that I can allow for any spontaneous events such as feedings, nappy changes or an explosion of tears 
  2. I utilise the opportunity of my daughters nap times to catch up on luxury showers that can take more than 5 minutes. 
  3. I plan and prepare outfits the night before in order to avoid the hustle and bustle that will only ensure our tardiness 
  4. Hair and nail appointments are ONLY on a need to basis and are chosen with the lowest form of maintenance and renewal possible (weaves and shellac nails) 
  5. Makeup is only worn for events where looking like the walking dead is not acceptable. Local trips or errand runs often do not count 
  6. ‘Me time’ is often achieved at the dead of night when everyone is asleep and I have the quietness to reflect and evaluate

And lastly but by far not leastly 

7. I PRIORITSE! Some things need to be done at that precise time, some later and some not at all.

With all that said and done, I am enjoying the growth with everything that I’m enduring and it is allowing growth and stretching in areas I didn’t even think possible. I love the fact that I am changing for the better and hope and pray I continue to do so that is pleasing to God, my husband and my daughter. 

This year I want to be the best version of me! 

Women Empowerment

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve really been inspired to start a few new projects… one of them being blogging and another tapping into my artistry and beginning a hobby/craft/small business (whatever it may agument into) 

Im not gonna lie, this may seem like a minor accomplishment to others but for myself 

I’m really coming out of the boat and treading on foreign water!!!

Now in the past, I have tried to be supportive and encouraging the best way I can but like everyone else have miserably failed when friends have launched projects, dreams and business ventures and with a hint of green in my heart wish that I could be brave enough to begin such accomplishments. This has led me to question…

“Why is it so hard to show genuine support to our family and friends but easy enough for the stranger whom we follow on social media??!”

Please don’t get it twisted as I’m not saying supporting this way is wrong and is definitely needed and commended but I do believe that there’s somthing powerful in knowing a person’s journey, witnessing their struggles, set backs and falls to then see them victorious and purged like gold! Recently I have been making a conscious effort to whole-heartedly support those that I know in events or business projects almost as if it were my own vision or dream; I’m not naive in thinking that every product or event can be attended but a few words of encouragement and affirmation can really go the distance and this is what we should practise in empowering other women. 


I really agree with the above statement but also know that while healthy competition is good, a necessity at times it shouldn’t be at the detriment of bringing others down so that we ourselves can succeed. If this is the case then serious assessment over our character should be done. We should practise

“Monitoring our hearts, motives, our insecurities and relationships”

When we honestly do this, only then can we access whether we are genuinely being an asset to our friends and family… or are we being roadblocks??! 

It can not be healthy secretly being hopeful in the downfall of people’s successes especially for those we call our ‘loved ones’ something is disturbingly erroneous! 

Let’s not be these women… let’s be the loudest cheerleaders we can!!! An assistant to the platform of others success! 

Mummy’s Day Out (MDO)

So myself and my princess had a very busy weekend. On Saturday we attended an event called Mummy’s Day Out organised by a lovely woman named Rachel. This event was designed as a mothers social event that allows meeting up with mummies new and experience; allowing the ability in networking, advertising, encouragement, advice or just a general social gathering that allows the breakup of a mothers daily routine. Follow http://instagram.com/mummys_day_out for their future event next held in Jan 2017. Mummies you don’t want to miss out! 

Personally for myself it was refreshing to be amongst other mummies from all different journeys and walks of life as sometimes being a mum on maternity leave can be lonely as times but Rachel’s personality, hospitality and extroverted charisma rounded up the day wonderfully. 

The event was professionally organised where you were greeted by the host herself, shown where to place your buggies and encouraged to sit and talk amongst other mums on arrival. The decor was beautifully set out with a Christmas theme and at the front of the room MDO balloons were visible (as posted in the above picture) which were sponsored by Time2Balloon http://instagram.com/time2balloon 

Entertainment was provided for the older  children with an arts and crafts table which surprisingly allowed them to be entertained for the whole duration of the event. 

The venue was the perfect spot for me (as travelling from Reading with a baby in a pushchair) I needed somewhere that was central and easy access on public transport… A quick plug that https://tfl.gov.uk really should update their tube stations??!  To not have lift access in many of them is outdated and makes it very difficult for buggy and wheelchair users to get around on transportation that is largely used around the city. This drastically needs to be improved!!! But anyway many thanks to the men and women that helped me get up and down the stairs to the platforms around the Bakerloo and Central line; your kindness is remembered! 

The venue was held at www.holidayinn.com/stratford-city who were very helpful, welcoming and accomating to the event and were efficient in their service of serving up our Christmas dinner that tasted very yummy (but could have done with being more of a generous serving for a hungry black woman) 

The first guest speaker was a woman named Shirina Carstens who is the founder of a business called Beauty Within http://instagram.com/b_f_within that tackles inner beauty through creative arts.

 Her talk was so inspirational, being a woman that had many misfortunate events and circumstances happen to her, even to the extent of contracting a bug from the hospital she delivered her daughter in which led to her having to learn to walk and talk again and then almost facing death on top of it! Shirina refused to bow out of life and pursued a business venture creating something beautiful out of the tragedy life had dealt her. Her talk was such an encouragement and a help personally to myself in remembering to 

Dust myself off and get back up when I fall… To always keep trying and striving in moving forward. 

Moving always forward, never backward! Don’t give up on my dreams! 

Another guest speaker by the name of Jackie Gyimah spoke personally about seeing yourself not just as a mother but to remember to follow your dreams and to invest in building something for yourself (whether it be a business or a hobby)

 Jackie touched on a personal account of being a young mother and a divorcee before but raised 2 children in whom both have achieved academic success. I look forward to speaking with Jackie in the future as she continues to be encouraging about going for what you want dispite what you may face in life! 

 She was able to tell me a little bit more about herself through interaction by FB messenger:-

 “I am an aspiring motivational speaker. I am currently in the process of building my brand Real Talk With Jackie. Talking about real issues women face and are dealing with, i do this through sharing my own personal journey and experiences, as a single mother, divorcee, teenage mother the list goes on. You can listen to some of my talks on my personal facebook page Jackie Gyimah, but full length talks on MAB ministry’s prayer group”

You can follow Jackie on www.facebook.com/jackie.gyimah who will be building a brand Real Talk With Jackie in the near future. 

The MDO mummies were in for a special treat with the next speaker and demonstration by Annie Nimz who is a mother of 2 and a freelance MUA with a business named BellezaByAnnieNimz.

 Annie spoke about how her talent and hobby off applying make up on herself and others was soon encouraged by close family members and friends to use the social media platform to advance her gift. Annie motivated many and spoke words of truth and wisdom that 

“Black women need to support each other with business ventures and not just personal ones”

This is what Annie soon learned when she first started her business Instagram page which she almost abandoned after giving birth to her second child but soon initiated once again; successfully running a mobile business and launched a makeup tutorial class in September (with another coming early next year). 

Annie gave an easy to follow demonstration on how to achieve the look for ‘fleeky eyebrows’ talking about how and where to buy the tools and makeup she was using. She also gives one-to-one makeup tutorial classes that I aim to personally try out in the near future. Follow Annie Nimz for enquiries, bookings or simply take a look and support her journey on http://instagram.com/annienimz

The last guest speaker (but by far not the least) was by Styled By Tiwa http://instagram.com/tiwajenyo that gave a quick PowerPoint presentation on how to dress for different body shapes she works with  (pear, apple and hourglass) she had the task of  styling the CEO of MDO who entertained us all with a catwalk of her outfit that complimented her beautifully. 

Now you know there can’t be any event without photographs to document the day and the lovely Esi captured the day wonderfully; she worked hard photographing not just the days activities but ensuring that parents and their children were able to have pictures taken together. The children even got a chance to meet Santa which was photographed professionally and efficiently. I will be posting the photographs taken of myself and Nia-Mae  by Esi Scott Photography once I receive them http://instagram.com/esi.scott

Generous sponsors for the event that blessed MDO raffle winners with their products were:-

and Unique Touch Interiors (Interior design and upcycling business) promoted her business while she was there. http://instagram.com/uniquetouchinteriors

I have yet to try their products and will be posting a blog in the near future once I’ve purchased.

Overall it was a wonderful event and day out! I enjoyed socialising and networking with all the new mommas and I’m definitely looking forward to the next event in Jan 2017. Myself and Nia-Mae have made new friendships that we hope will continue as we grow in our journey of motherhood! 

Grace Has Found Me 


It’s after 5am while I’m writing this and I’m having sleepless nights as seems to be the usual of lately. To my right of me my husband sleeps heavily with the occasional snore and the push and shove from myself and a few feet away from me in her world of opulence is the addition to my world, my daughter.

In my previous post I wrote about the battle of my recurring pregnancy losses but now 3 months on all that I am and all that I do is for my beautiful princess, ‘Nia-Mae Grace’ (Grace meaning undeserved favour)

The journey I experienced seemed fitting with her name as a constant reminder of the huge responsibility and role that God has entrusted me with… the raising of his daughter, the impression of the next generation, the moulding of a personality and strong force.

With every journey there are struggles and to say the least some days are tougher than others. With the sacrificial broken sleep, power showers and cold cups of tea, just to name a few but the outweighing of smiles and giggles that brighten my day, the intimacy of a bond only a mother and child can feel through breastfeeding and the constant bright-eyed babbles as we have our daily conversations can’t compare. I remain ambitious in my guise in motherhood and look forward to all that God has in our future my Princess…

I am blessed beyond measure and am truly indebted that Grace Has Finally Found Me. 

Metallic Mania

I wouldn’t say I’m a fashion guru or anything and when it comes to fashion or hair and beauty I would say I’m rather a ‘plain Jane’ that tends to stick with what works for me. I don’t obsess with current fashion trends and never have.

I’m a girly girl and love all things that are sparkly and pretty and at the moment I’ve really taken a shine to ‘metallics’. I can’t get enough of them!!!

Metallics were the Spring/Summer 2016 trend and everywhere you looked from phones, make-up brushes and purses to dresses, bomber jackets and trainers they were there for the taking. Pinks, blues, golds, silver and my personal favourite rose gold.

A few of my metallic buys at the moment… 

  1. Rose Gold iPhone 7+
  2. French Connection wallet
  3. Lottie The Best Of Brushes Collection Metallic Edition

iPhone 7+:- Just like marmite is the same with the iPhone. You either love it or hate it and I definitely love my rose gold iPhone 7+. It’s classy timeless look just adds to the simplicity of the software, camera use and the variety of applications and the fact that it comes with an increased capacity of 256GB is a plus! (No pun intended lol)

French Connection wallet:- This ‘mock croc’ wallet is an absolute beaut! I love the fact that the bold black at the edge of the wallet just sets off the metallic look that much more. The purse is spacious, has more than enough space for all your cards, notes and loose coins. And was a bargain from ASOS at £22.00 (they only have the tan croc/black available currently at £19.50)

Lottie The Best Of Brushes Collection Metallic Edition:- I really like the fact that along with the stunning variety of metallic colour of the brushes, each colour represents what brush is used for in make up application. Now if your really basic at makeup application like myself then you will know you need all the help in identifying what brushes are used for which area of your face.

These brushes are in a pack of five for face, blush and eyeshadow and come with a smooth shiny metallic finish. These brushes are beautiful to look at, very easy to use,soft and do the job perfectly. They are an affordable price and can be purchased from either ASOS or Superdrug at £28.

I also bought the Lottie London Blend And Snap Sponge (£5.50) that works like a dream in blending in my concealer and liquid foundation.

With Christmas around the corner I find that the metallic trend can definitely extend from just being a Spring & Summer trend. If your in a giving mood, maybe even make the perfect Christmas pressie for yourself or that someone special!

Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed…

Ok so anyone that knows me and knows me well can say that I have always wanted to be a mother… I mean some aspire for fame, status, money, careers and materialism (which each to their own and nothing wrong if those are your goals) but for me I felt like my greatest achievement in life was being a wife and a mother.

I married my wonderful husband Miquel Lambert on Sunday 18th August 2013, and we waited about a year and a bit to start the wonderful journey of expanding our family. Now for many it may come easy but for others including myself it was a rollercoaster journey of trials, tests, heartbreak and pain.

I initially became pregnant the first time around 6-7 months of trying around March 2015 and was obviously over the moon to see the little + line on the pee stick but that was soon overcome with anxiety, fear and doubt as deep down inside of me I had feelings that something was wrong and that it was all too ‘good to be true’. Regular phone calls with my mummy and constant reminders that “everything will be ok” and to “not over think it” tried but failed to keep me grounded in the belief that I was going to be a mother. 

I had my doctors appointment and they routinely took blood to check my HCG levels and just as I’d dreaded the results weren’t what I had wanted… they were not doubling like they normally should. A couple of tests later and the results still didn’t look promising, so once booked into the hospital for an early viability ultrasound something that should have resembled a growing gestational sac was that of a mystery to the sonographer in regards to the size and development. This of course added to the nerves, fear and doubt I already had. 

Fast forward a couple of days and the dreaded thought that had constantly kept me awake many nights had come true and I miscarried. I took the time I needed to grieve and heal but found it hard to open up to my husband, family and close friends and felt angry and dissappointed at God. But even though I didn’t understand the reason behind it all, God’s word and promises are true and I still had faith that they remained so for me.

Fast forward 3-4 months later and to my surprise I was pregnant again!!! PRAISE GOD!! My contending prayers had been answered and this time feeling much more confident; especially after doubling HCG levels, myself and my husband enjoyed our annual church marriage retreat. (N.B because of past pregnancy complications each time I fall pregnant I’m entitled to a viability scan) so after a few days of soul-feeding sermons, bonding and relaxation we both made our way to the hospital ecstatic at the adventure of becoming parents. 

When the words of the sonographer rung in my ear of “I’m afraid, it’s bad news” my heart and spirit were crushed. Confused and heart broken I was shown a screen of a flashing heartbeat but it not being in my uterus like it was supposed to but in my Fallopian tube. What we thought was a routine checkup ended up being admittance into hospital for surgery to remove one of my tubes! But even before the surgery my husband and I were holding onto to that small mustard seed of faith’ in that there would be the greatest miracle we’d ever experienced, that the doctors had got it wrong and all my dreams would remain in tact but it wasn’t so….

The weird thing is that although the second loss was totally unexpected and more traumatic in that of seeing an actual heartbeat, I felt a calming peace and openness more than I did the first time. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt and I grieved for my baby that wasn’t to be but I encouraged myself in the Lord through sermons, sharing my testimony to others about the experience and found strength in the scripture verse 

“He has made everything beautiful in its time…”

– Ecclesiastes 3:11

So… fast forward another 3 months and we are in Dec 15′, I have just finished organising and assisting with our annual church Christmas Banquet on the Sunday and come Monday and Tues I am EXHAUSTED! So much so that I am bed bound and think I’m starting to come down with something. My now attentive husband that has seen me go through every early pregnancy symptom comes in from work, hearing me moan about how tired I’ve been and says… 

“I think your pregnant “

I quickly dismiss this and ask why in which he replies “Cos you’ve been more moody than usual” I ignore him but reluctantly buy a pregnancy test the same week a few days before Christmas. In the early hours of Christmas morning after coming in from my In-laws, a niggling feeling came over me to test before I went to bed and to my complete surprise a + started right back at me. I slowly walk out of the bathroom up to my husband and say “Merry Christmas” while holding out the pee stick. Now I’m looking at this stick for a long time and willing myself that it’s real. 

Am I really going to be a mummy??! 

The constant nausea and adversions reminded me that it was very real but I tormented myself further by reading horror stories of how far women had been pregnant before they’d miscarried!!!! BUT with many rebukes and encouraging words from that of my husband and mummy I gradually became at peace and enjoyed the process of the little life that was growing inside of me. 

Fast forward to Sunday 28th August 2:41am my bundle of perfection was born and my dreams and aspirations of being the most important thing I’d ever achieve in my life came true!!!! 

The journey so far has been amazing and I am so thankful for my princess everyday. I believe I am much stronger and my marriage has matured because of what myself and my husband endured. 

I write this account of my journey to motherhood not of one looking for sympathy or words of praise but of that and that alone TO GIVE GOD GLORY AND PRAISE. Everything happens for a reason, a season and in His perfect timing and if you put ALL your hope and trust in Him. He will NEVER let you down.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And he shall direct your paths”

-Proverbs 3:5-6

I pray that you were blessed and encouraged from my testimony and that whatever your going through or have been through, you will come through your ‘test’- so that you have a testimony also! 




My name is Angelina 

I am 32 years of age. A born-again Christian, a wife to a wonderful husband and a first-time mummy to a beautiful princess Nia-Mae Grace. 

I have read numerous blogs and found it interesting hearing about different opinions and outcomes of life through bloggers experiences; whether it being on life, beauty, health or products. I began to think about my life and how far God has brought me from and said to myself…

“Let me share what I know and have been through, in a hope that I can be a blessing to someone”

In thinking about my journey in becoming a mother is probably the main reason why I started this blog and in my next post I’ll share with you my testimony and journey of the joy and heartbreak of what I endured in becoming a mummy.
I hope to share my experiences of being a wife, mummy, Christian and friend and day-to-day experiences of what life brings.

I love fashion, beauty, interior design, music, children and socialising/networking and travel.

Enjoy and be blessed! ❤️