Josiah’s Birth Story

My little man is 6 months old… how time has flown from when I first found out we were having you to holding you closely on your born day. Here’s Josiah’s birth story.

So let’s rewind slightly to when I found out I was pregnant, I had felt some flu-like symptoms for a few days which didn’t develop further put were severe enough to have me bed bound. I asked my husband if he could get me honey and lemon and to also grab me a pregnancy test, I wasn’t expecting anything as I hadn’t missed a period yet but when that line clearly became duplicated I was like this feels all too familiar with the first symptoms I had with Nia-Mae.

The first three months of pregnancy were actually quite smooth sailing where I didn’t suffer with any morning sickness (and what a relief this was as I had suffered majorly when pregnant with Nia-Mae), in fact my pregnancy was the total opposite from the first one which made me believe that I was DEFINITELY having a boy second time around.

The Summer of 2018 was HOTTT!! Second time pregnant and I seemed to get bigger a lot faster, as much as the weather was like being abroad for myself and bump it was torturous. Walking two steps had me sweating buckets but I did my best to enjoy as much as I could with Nia-Mae and my husband by setting up her water pool in the back garden, trips to the park or just steady walks in town.

Fast forward to the final month and after having a hard Summer with a family bereavement and having to spend a month away from home with Nia-Mae, I was actually worried that baby boy would be coming early due to numerous painful contractions which I was definitely not used to in my previous pregnancy. I was so worried that I’d go into labour being in Leeds and having nothing with me but thankfully baby boy decided to stay put and cook some more.

So I’m back at home by September and in overdrive trying to frantically nest and get everything ready… bags aren’t packed and NOTHING has been purchased (not even a vest) but on top of that I’m frantically still working on outstanding orders from my small business before baby boy comes but luckily manage to get everything ready with majority of baby items being in perfect condition thankfully from hand-me-downs we’d purchased for Nia-Mae.

7 months pregnant at my late Grandma’s funeral

It’s a week before your due date and I am so ready for you to arrive that I was going to ask a midwife friend of mine to do a sweep in fear that I’d be overdue which I really didn’t want to be the case. I had been active enough with entertaining a toddler (that isn’t the easiest feat) plus my continuous obsession of needing to nest and keep things clean and tidy. With the freakish Tropical like Summer we were having and it being stuffy both day and night, sleep wasn’t my friend either so the day before you came I had been extra restless and was pacing about the house looking to do anything that would keep me busy such as changing our bedding, continuing with work orders (even though I was on Maternity leave at this point) and if that wasn’t enough an evening of boogie down with my favourite playlist.

All this must have triggered something as prior to having Brixton Hicks contractions a couple of days ago that didn’t develop into labour I wasn’t hopeful when I started having these again in the early hours of Friday 5th October. So I did the usual and timed them with each early contraction being 10 minutes apart and bearable. I’m awake on my own so decide to entertain myself with Netflix while still timing with contractions varying between 8-10 mins but surprisingly over a short space of time the contractions start to be at smaller intervals at every 5 minutes so I decide to call my hospital labour ward as I wanted to be prepared as we still needed our assigned person to be well prepared in order to look after Nia-Mae.

Gravity definitely did it’s part as soon as I was on the phone to a midwife I could barely speak through my contractions at this point and knew that this was the real thing. The midwife first advised me to soak in the bath which unfortunately for me couldn’t be the case as we only had a shower. I’m still timing contractions that are erratically all over the place so thankfully the midwife advises us to come in.

“Get up Miquel, it’s time!”

So it’s now game on and I call my assigned person so that we can arrange for Nia-Mae to be taken to their house…ring ring, ring ring and then straight to voicemail but luckily our second choice was able to come to our house and look after Nee (even though it was completely unplanned for her) While fighting through increasingly painful contractions and getting the last bits ready for Nee eventually it was time to go to the hospital.

Once we’d got to the car the contractions seemed to die down and I was able to get to the ward with ease and check into the waiting room where I decided to call my mum and let her know I was in labour. During mid conversation I had the most strongest contraction that I just handed the phone to Miquel and groaned through the pain. Contractions all of a sudden intensified where I was crying out in pain for the ‘nurse’ not caring who was watching or hearing me and I must have been causing enough noise as a midwife soon came and between her and Miquel on either side partially dragged me to an observation room where I was checked and was 5cm dilated and relieved to be told that I wasn’t going home.

From always wanting a water birth and it not going to plan the first time round, I was adamant about doing the best for a water birth this time and luckily the pool was available so as soon our midwife for delivery was available we were taken to the pool. Contractions before this point had been steady but bearable so when I entered into the pool I asked the midwife ‘How long do you think it will be until I give birth’ and her reply being ‘I can’t specifically say but it’s usually 1cm every hour’ of course I knew this from prior experience but had magically hoped that this wouldn’t be the case second time around as I had stopped dilating at 7cm with Nia-Mae as well as already having an epidural.

I remember looking at the clock and it being just before 7am and predicting that I would give birth around 11am-12noon but oh how wrong was I. I had never used gas and air before but the contractions came on as powerful than ever that in between sucks I was begging the midwife that I now wanted an epidural to which she let me know that the anaesthetist was currently in surgery so I’d have to wait until they were finished but reminded me that this couldn’t be administered in the pool. I DID NOT want to come out the pool as it was giving me a lot of relief despite the pain so I just dismissed the idea but quickly swayed back on forth with each painful contraction demanding that I now wanted the epidural and to allow me to come out of the pool when the anaesthetist was out of surgery.

My poor midwife who was only on duty for an hour before her shift was over did her best to accommodate me as much as possible so went off to try and get the paperwork started for my epidural leaving myself and my husband to continuing labouring. All I remember thinking is if this is how painful it is now then it will be too unbearable by the time I’m ready to push not knowing that I was further along than I realised. I suddenly felt the urge to want to push down and knew that the head was coming but had slid back in and once the midwife came into the room I screamed ‘He’s coming!’ The look on her face was total disbelief as I had only been in the pool not even 30 mins. My husband who had now been in charge of the gas and air due to me overdosing on it had changed positions so that he was now facing me so he could assist me when I needed to take a puff!

All of a sudden I hear him say ‘Im gonna pass out!’ and then see him toppling backwards as he’s fainted taking part of the instrument I needed for my gas and air. The midwife is in total shock and has pulled the red cord for more midwives to assist but to my surprise have paid all the attention on Miquel and left me to fend for myself. I cry out ‘Help’ as I feel that the next few contractions are the ones needed for me to make my last few pushes; I must have sounded so desperate as all I see is this head pop back up and my husband ready to continue his duty as birth partner. And very well timed as the next couple of contractions I could feel ‘the ring of fire’ (which to me didn’t feel as bad as some of the stories I’d heard and felt that my contractions had been much more painful), a few seconds later out slid my beautiful baby boy at 7:24am on Friday 5th October weighing 6lbs and 10oz of gorgeousness. I was in love all over again and so relieved and proud with myself for having the birth plan I’d always wanted… I’d finally had my water birth.

We cuddled for a while until your umbilical cord was cut and then you latched on perfectly while we both enjoyed skin-to-skin contact while Mummy and Daddy grew besotted with you.

Six months later and we are more in love with you than ever. Your big sister adores you and treats you like you’re her own, always ready to give a helping hand with nappy changes (I once luckily just in time walked in on her trying to wipe your soiled nappy) You continue to feed like a champ and although you could sleep A LOT better than you do, it’s probably because you love Mummy loads and want all the cuddles. Despite kissing sleep goodbye for the foreseeable future, Mummy can’t deny that I do and always will love our cuddles too!

Josiah Craig Lambert born Friday 5th October at 7:24am via the quickest water birth weighing 6lb 10oz

Thank you for reading!

When Three Became Four

Hey everyone! It has been a while… well nearly 2 years to be exact since my last post. What’s the reason behind my radio silence?! LIFE. It got real busy, really quickly and then before you know it my blogs became that unfinished book put back on the shelf; all dusty and forgotten.

But I have been enjoying life and along with continuing my business we have another addition to the family!

So to all my old followers and soon to be new, let me reintroduce my beautiful family.


Well hello again, I’m Angelina, aged 34 and I’m a Christian, wife, full time Mummy, a daughter, sister, auntie and hopefully a good friend to some. I also have a small decor business which has been running since Dec 2016 called Picture This Decor where I make and sell Personalised Decor, Frames & Gifts.

I try and work this around my children and family life as that is the most important thing to me but equally I love being able to have something that solely belongs to me.

I love clothes shopping, looking at interior accounts, Netflix bingeing and socialising (when I get the chance) but most of all I love being a home body and staying in with my family.


And this handsome man here is Miquel, he’s 30 years old and is an awesome dad to our children. Miquel is very creative and is a ‘man of many trades’ as he can play the piano, drums, he’s very good at drawing and our handyman around the house. He also sings, raps and writes songs; so you can already guess there’s never a dull moment when he’s around!


And this beautiful little girl is our rainbow baby Nia-Mae aka ‘Nee Nee’. She’s 2 and a half years old but has a mature face and character to match; she has also recently become a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ which secretly breaks my heart! Nee is so loving and kind it amazes me everyday just how much she is growing, changing and learning from the environment around her. She is currently potty training which is going ‘fairly well’ but I know these things take time and she is a child who learns from consistency so will eventually get the hang of it.

Nia-Mae interacts with others well, loves music and dancing, drawing and colouring, building and putting objects in containers and emptying them out. She also loves to dress up in pretty clothes and accessories and be in front of the camera (as you will soon find out)

Her speech is coming along amazingly and we’re so impressed at some of the language she uses which is the correct context that you would expect in a conversation. Nia-Mae is a bright little girl who makes her parents continually proud everyday!


Here is our newest addition at nearly 4 months young, Josiah aka ‘JJ’. Josiah was born in October 5th 2018 and his presence into our family has been with such ease, it’s like he has always been around.

Josiah also loves to interact and be around others, he absolutely adores his mummy and this is clearly shown by his ‘special gaze and smiles’ when he sees me. He feeds well with milk and loves watching his sister play, dance and generally entertain him. He will soon be starting his weaning journey along with sleep training (so fun times ahead)!

He currently loves cuddling up next to Mummy as we co-sleep together so I’m really hoping he’ll adopt well to the idea of sharing a room with his sister. I can’t wait to watch them together playing, laughing and enjoying each other’s company but they’ve already been best of friends from birth!

I look forward to continuing sharing this journey of Motherhood, Faith, Mumpreneurship, Home Activities, Product Reviews And Family Fun & Holidays so hang around and enjoy getting to know us all.

Thank you for reading!

Marriage, Motherhood and Maintenance 

As I amend the drafted date and insert the new one a wave of calm and nostalgia come over me… I’ve really missed blogging, just being able to express my feelings, fears, desires, expectations, ventures all visually via my keypad. 

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and all due to a BUSY period. Time has just flown by… with Christmas nearly already being a distant memory! 

So how has your New Year set off so far?? For myself I must say I’m pretty pleased with what I’m accomplishing so far (although there are still areas lacking and in need of amendment) I am trusting and relying on God to assist me with, cos this woman over here often has no clue most days. It’s ONLY by God’s grace that I have come this far. 

So as my title states I’ll break it all down for ya… 


So this here is my gorgeous loving, loyal, hard-working and dedicated husband! We’ve been married 3 years and 5 months and it has been a rollercoaster ride. I’m not going to charade and make it out that it’s been a fairy tale and ‘happily ever after’ because it hasn’t. Christ has been that link that has and is continuing to hold us together, when at times either one of us doesn’t ‘feel’ like being a husband or a wife to each other we continue in our efforts of ‘daily dying to ourselves’ and preserve through.

That’s what I’ve learnt along the years that love and marriage definitely isn’t based on feelings but is a choice. Our selfish flesh always looks out for ‘me, myself and I’ while love focuses on the best interests and needs of the ‘other person’! 

Reflecting over last year really allows me to somberly feel convicted over how I can sometimes take my marriage for granted. The passion, energy and excitement that was put into the foundation of friendship, dating and the delighted anticipation of getting married can seem so easily smouldered by routine, bills, work, church and friends. 

Of course all of that is a natural function of life  but how did it transition into a monotonous cycle that could almost be perceived as Groundhog Day. One simple answer… Investment! Growth in any area requires attention, nurture, habit, evaluation, change, support and increase. If this is so for tangible things such as employment, health, wealth and hobbies how much more should be for our spouses??!

“I need to consciously ensure I daily desposit into our account of love in preparation of ‘rainy days’ so there will always be an abundance of savings previously invested”

My husband is a blessing to myself, my daughter and our home!!! My aim and challenge for this year is to study and actively try to be the best help-meet for him; speaking his love language and purposefully investing all that I have into our marriage.

I look forward to many more years of adventures! 


Over these past four months of looking after my daughter it has revealed and stretched me in so many areas that prior to being a mother were not even thought about. Being a mother means all the time and attention that was spent on my needs cant always be achieved at that specific moment. There’s a little human that doesn’t understand the pile of dirty dishes in the sink need to be washed, dinner that needs to be prepared, a washing basket that is starting to look like the Leaning Tower Of Pisa or the fact that you have a schedule to meet and need to shower and be ready on time so your not late to a venue. The transition into motherhood has allowed me to re-evaluate priories that some of those things don’t matter at that exact time BUT also it is up to me to arrange my time accordingly so that these things are not neglected. This has taken me a lot of juggling and sacrifice, to utilise the time my daughter is sleeping often neglecting sleep, that hot cup of tea or the catch up of my favourite programme. Yes I have learnt these things but with everything in life there has to be balance!! I have achieved this by setting routine and structure, children need consistency and conscious habits; structured bed times and the choice to no longer co-sleep have helped all of us to not only get a good nights sleep but to also revel in each of our along time. 

Alone time for a baby you ask… YES!! Nia-Mae is seeing many new things in her environment, developing daily and exploring new exploits accompanied along with constant human interact can often be very tiring. I believe that as mothers and parents in our efforts to ensure development and interaction through communication we can at times over stimulate their precious tiny minds, by studying my daughters cues, signals and behaviours it has allowed me to understand her needs at that precise time and act accordingly to the best of my ability. Do I get it wrong? At times yes especially in the very early stages but cutting myself some slack with daily reminders that all this is new allows me to enjoy the process and uncertainty in my role of motherhood! 

In the further development and achievement of milestones yet to come, I have to accept that I will be clueless in many efforts,at times make many mistakes. In all that which is out of my control and comfort zone I will eternally be grateful and continue to enjoy this beautiful journey named motherhood! 


Prior to being a wife and a mother, I very much believed in working hard and playing hard. I would invest in the upkeep of having my hair done at the hairdressers, the renewal of my nail extensions and the splurge of shopping sprees at times I often regretted purchasing as soon as I walked out the shop door. This was SINGLE LIFE. 
Entering into marriage I strongly believed the concept of ‘not letting myself go’ just because I am now married. I would try make time for the maintenance routine in the same manner I was accoustomed to while single, only to soon find that many of those things I had the luxury in paying for would soon have to be replaced with DIY upkeep! 

Yes it may take half the day to wash, blow-dry and straighten my hair but the adjusted priorities of shared currency with my newly wed husband soon brought me into check. Thankfully I still hand the means to go to the hairdressers but the difference is where it was an automatic response now took planning and preparation with a before thought of not just how that decision impacted me but also my husband. 

Fast forward a few years to now being a mummy and the whole persona of maintenance and up keep is now a whole different ball game!!! My thought process of making sure I look good at all times has now been replaced for ‘only on a need to basis’. Half a day spent on the upkeep of my hair has quickly been replaced to low maintenance and protective hairstyles, my nails often go weeks without being manicured and painted and my once luxurious lifestyle of shopping sprees are now a distant memory replaced with bills, nappies and food! The time I do get to buy anything is for my daughter and replaced with online browsing and ordering. 

I am still in the learning process that the added benefits of maintenance have to be planned but yet flexible… yes I still believe in the importance of upkeep and ‘not letting myself go’ but thankfully my mindset has matured into not only thinking what’s best for myself but for the family which I care about and love! 
Here are a few of my quick and daily preparation and ‘fix-its’ 

  1. I get ready at least 2 hours ahead of the intended time so that I can allow for any spontaneous events such as feedings, nappy changes or an explosion of tears 
  2. I utilise the opportunity of my daughters nap times to catch up on luxury showers that can take more than 5 minutes. 
  3. I plan and prepare outfits the night before in order to avoid the hustle and bustle that will only ensure our tardiness 
  4. Hair and nail appointments are ONLY on a need to basis and are chosen with the lowest form of maintenance and renewal possible (weaves and shellac nails) 
  5. Makeup is only worn for events where looking like the walking dead is not acceptable. Local trips or errand runs often do not count 
  6. ‘Me time’ is often achieved at the dead of night when everyone is asleep and I have the quietness to reflect and evaluate

And lastly but by far not leastly 

7. I PRIORITSE! Some things need to be done at that precise time, some later and some not at all.

With all that said and done, I am enjoying the growth with everything that I’m enduring and it is allowing growth and stretching in areas I didn’t even think possible. I love the fact that I am changing for the better and hope and pray I continue to do so that is pleasing to God, my husband and my daughter. 

This year I want to be the best version of me! 

Grace Has Found Me 


It’s after 5am while I’m writing this and I’m having sleepless nights as seems to be the usual of lately. To my right of me my husband sleeps heavily with the occasional snore and the push and shove from myself and a few feet away from me in her world of opulence is the addition to my world, my daughter.

In my previous post I wrote about the battle of my recurring pregnancy losses but now 3 months on all that I am and all that I do is for my beautiful princess, ‘Nia-Mae Grace’ (Grace meaning undeserved favour)

The journey I experienced seemed fitting with her name as a constant reminder of the huge responsibility and role that God has entrusted me with… the raising of his daughter, the impression of the next generation, the moulding of a personality and strong force.

With every journey there are struggles and to say the least some days are tougher than others. With the sacrificial broken sleep, power showers and cold cups of tea, just to name a few but the outweighing of smiles and giggles that brighten my day, the intimacy of a bond only a mother and child can feel through breastfeeding and the constant bright-eyed babbles as we have our daily conversations can’t compare. I remain ambitious in my guise in motherhood and look forward to all that God has in our future my Princess…

I am blessed beyond measure and am truly indebted that Grace Has Finally Found Me. 

Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed…

Ok so anyone that knows me and knows me well can say that I have always wanted to be a mother… I mean some aspire for fame, status, money, careers and materialism (which each to their own and nothing wrong if those are your goals) but for me I felt like my greatest achievement in life was being a wife and a mother.

I married my wonderful husband Miquel Lambert on Sunday 18th August 2013, and we waited about a year and a bit to start the wonderful journey of expanding our family. Now for many it may come easy but for others including myself it was a rollercoaster journey of trials, tests, heartbreak and pain.

I initially became pregnant the first time around 6-7 months of trying around March 2015 and was obviously over the moon to see the little + line on the pee stick but that was soon overcome with anxiety, fear and doubt as deep down inside of me I had feelings that something was wrong and that it was all too ‘good to be true’. Regular phone calls with my mummy and constant reminders that “everything will be ok” and to “not over think it” tried but failed to keep me grounded in the belief that I was going to be a mother. 

I had my doctors appointment and they routinely took blood to check my HCG levels and just as I’d dreaded the results weren’t what I had wanted… they were not doubling like they normally should. A couple of tests later and the results still didn’t look promising, so once booked into the hospital for an early viability ultrasound something that should have resembled a growing gestational sac was that of a mystery to the sonographer in regards to the size and development. This of course added to the nerves, fear and doubt I already had. 

Fast forward a couple of days and the dreaded thought that had constantly kept me awake many nights had come true and I miscarried. I took the time I needed to grieve and heal but found it hard to open up to my husband, family and close friends and felt angry and dissappointed at God. But even though I didn’t understand the reason behind it all, God’s word and promises are true and I still had faith that they remained so for me.

Fast forward 3-4 months later and to my surprise I was pregnant again!!! PRAISE GOD!! My contending prayers had been answered and this time feeling much more confident; especially after doubling HCG levels, myself and my husband enjoyed our annual church marriage retreat. (N.B because of past pregnancy complications each time I fall pregnant I’m entitled to a viability scan) so after a few days of soul-feeding sermons, bonding and relaxation we both made our way to the hospital ecstatic at the adventure of becoming parents. 

When the words of the sonographer rung in my ear of “I’m afraid, it’s bad news” my heart and spirit were crushed. Confused and heart broken I was shown a screen of a flashing heartbeat but it not being in my uterus like it was supposed to but in my Fallopian tube. What we thought was a routine checkup ended up being admittance into hospital for surgery to remove one of my tubes! But even before the surgery my husband and I were holding onto to that small mustard seed of faith’ in that there would be the greatest miracle we’d ever experienced, that the doctors had got it wrong and all my dreams would remain in tact but it wasn’t so….

The weird thing is that although the second loss was totally unexpected and more traumatic in that of seeing an actual heartbeat, I felt a calming peace and openness more than I did the first time. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt and I grieved for my baby that wasn’t to be but I encouraged myself in the Lord through sermons, sharing my testimony to others about the experience and found strength in the scripture verse 

“He has made everything beautiful in its time…”

– Ecclesiastes 3:11

So… fast forward another 3 months and we are in Dec 15′, I have just finished organising and assisting with our annual church Christmas Banquet on the Sunday and come Monday and Tues I am EXHAUSTED! So much so that I am bed bound and think I’m starting to come down with something. My now attentive husband that has seen me go through every early pregnancy symptom comes in from work, hearing me moan about how tired I’ve been and says… 

“I think your pregnant “

I quickly dismiss this and ask why in which he replies “Cos you’ve been more moody than usual” I ignore him but reluctantly buy a pregnancy test the same week a few days before Christmas. In the early hours of Christmas morning after coming in from my In-laws, a niggling feeling came over me to test before I went to bed and to my complete surprise a + started right back at me. I slowly walk out of the bathroom up to my husband and say “Merry Christmas” while holding out the pee stick. Now I’m looking at this stick for a long time and willing myself that it’s real. 

Am I really going to be a mummy??! 

The constant nausea and adversions reminded me that it was very real but I tormented myself further by reading horror stories of how far women had been pregnant before they’d miscarried!!!! BUT with many rebukes and encouraging words from that of my husband and mummy I gradually became at peace and enjoyed the process of the little life that was growing inside of me. 

Fast forward to Sunday 28th August 2:41am my bundle of perfection was born and my dreams and aspirations of being the most important thing I’d ever achieve in my life came true!!!! 

The journey so far has been amazing and I am so thankful for my princess everyday. I believe I am much stronger and my marriage has matured because of what myself and my husband endured. 

I write this account of my journey to motherhood not of one looking for sympathy or words of praise but of that and that alone TO GIVE GOD GLORY AND PRAISE. Everything happens for a reason, a season and in His perfect timing and if you put ALL your hope and trust in Him. He will NEVER let you down.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And he shall direct your paths”

-Proverbs 3:5-6

I pray that you were blessed and encouraged from my testimony and that whatever your going through or have been through, you will come through your ‘test’- so that you have a testimony also! 




My name is Angelina 

I am 32 years of age. A born-again Christian, a wife to a wonderful husband and a first-time mummy to a beautiful princess Nia-Mae Grace. 

I have read numerous blogs and found it interesting hearing about different opinions and outcomes of life through bloggers experiences; whether it being on life, beauty, health or products. I began to think about my life and how far God has brought me from and said to myself…

“Let me share what I know and have been through, in a hope that I can be a blessing to someone”

In thinking about my journey in becoming a mother is probably the main reason why I started this blog and in my next post I’ll share with you my testimony and journey of the joy and heartbreak of what I endured in becoming a mummy.
I hope to share my experiences of being a wife, mummy, Christian and friend and day-to-day experiences of what life brings.

I love fashion, beauty, interior design, music, children and socialising/networking and travel.

Enjoy and be blessed! ❤️