Hey everyone! It has been a while… well nearly 2 years to be exact since my last post. What’s the reason behind my radio silence?! LIFE. It got real busy, really quickly and then before you know it my blogs became that unfinished book put back on the shelf; all dusty and forgotten.

But I have been enjoying life and along with continuing my business we have another addition to the family!

So to all my old followers and soon to be new, let me reintroduce my beautiful family.


Well hello again, I’m Angelina, aged 34 and I’m a Christian, wife, full time Mummy, a daughter, sister, auntie and hopefully a good friend to some. I also have a small decor business which has been running since Dec 2016 called Picture This Decor where I make and sell Personalised Decor, Frames & Gifts.

I try and work this around my children and family life as that is the most important thing to me but equally I love being able to have something that solely belongs to me.

I love clothes shopping, looking at interior accounts, Netflix bingeing and socialising (when I get the chance) but most of all I love being a home body and staying in with my family.


And this handsome man here is Miquel, he’s 30 years old and is an awesome dad to our children. Miquel is very creative and is a ‘man of many trades’ as he can play the piano, drums, he’s very good at drawing and our handyman around the house. He also sings, raps and writes songs; so you can already guess there’s never a dull moment when he’s around!


And this beautiful little girl is our rainbow baby Nia-Mae aka ‘Nee Nee’. She’s 2 and a half years old but has a mature face and character to match; she has also recently become a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ which secretly breaks my heart! Nee is so loving and kind it amazes me everyday just how much she is growing, changing and learning from the environment around her. She is currently potty training which is going ‘fairly well’ but I know these things take time and she is a child who learns from consistency so will eventually get the hang of it.

Nia-Mae interacts with others well, loves music and dancing, drawing and colouring, building and putting objects in containers and emptying them out. She also loves to dress up in pretty clothes and accessories and be in front of the camera (as you will soon find out)

Her speech is coming along amazingly and we’re so impressed at some of the language she uses which is the correct context that you would expect in a conversation. Nia-Mae is a bright little girl who makes her parents continually proud everyday!


Here is our newest addition at nearly 4 months young, Josiah aka ‘JJ’. Josiah was born in October 5th 2018 and his presence into our family has been with such ease, it’s like he has always been around.

Josiah also loves to interact and be around others, he absolutely adores his mummy and this is clearly shown by his ‘special gaze and smiles’ when he sees me. He feeds well with milk and loves watching his sister play, dance and generally entertain him. He will soon be starting his weaning journey along with sleep training (so fun times ahead)!

He currently loves cuddling up next to Mummy as we co-sleep together so I’m really hoping he’ll adopt well to the idea of sharing a room with his sister. I can’t wait to watch them together playing, laughing and enjoying each other’s company but they’ve already been best of friends from birth!

I look forward to continuing sharing this journey of Motherhood, Faith, Mumpreneurship, Home Activities, Product Reviews And Family Fun & Holidays so hang around and enjoy getting to know us all.

Thank you for reading!

7 thoughts on “When Three Became Four

  1. What a beautiful family, looking forward to reading more adventures with you all! Love your shop too – going over for a look now ❤️


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