It’s after 5am while I’m writing this and I’m having sleepless nights as seems to be the usual of lately. To my right of me my husband sleeps heavily with the occasional snore and the push and shove from myself and a few feet away from me in her world of opulence is the addition to my world, my daughter.

In my previous post I wrote about the battle of my recurring pregnancy losses but now 3 months on all that I am and all that I do is for my beautiful princess, ‘Nia-Mae Grace’ (Grace meaning undeserved favour)

The journey I experienced seemed fitting with her name as a constant reminder of the huge responsibility and role that God has entrusted me with… the raising of his daughter, the impression of the next generation, the moulding of a personality and strong force.

With every journey there are struggles and to say the least some days are tougher than others. With the sacrificial broken sleep, power showers and cold cups of tea, just to name a few but the outweighing of smiles and giggles that brighten my day, the intimacy of a bond only a mother and child can feel through breastfeeding and the constant bright-eyed babbles as we have our daily conversations can’t compare. I remain ambitious in my guise in motherhood and look forward to all that God has in our future my Princess…

I am blessed beyond measure and am truly indebted that Grace Has Finally Found Me. 

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