I wouldn’t say I’m a fashion guru or anything and when it comes to fashion or hair and beauty I would say I’m rather a ‘plain Jane’ that tends to stick with what works for me. I don’t obsess with current fashion trends and never have.

I’m a girly girl and love all things that are sparkly and pretty and at the moment I’ve really taken a shine to ‘metallics’. I can’t get enough of them!!!

Metallics were the Spring/Summer 2016 trend and everywhere you looked from phones, make-up brushes and purses to dresses, bomber jackets and trainers they were there for the taking. Pinks, blues, golds, silver and my personal favourite rose gold.

A few of my metallic buys at the moment… 

  1. Rose Gold iPhone 7+
  2. French Connection wallet
  3. Lottie The Best Of Brushes Collection Metallic Edition

iPhone 7+:- Just like marmite is the same with the iPhone. You either love it or hate it and I definitely love my rose gold iPhone 7+. It’s classy timeless look just adds to the simplicity of the software, camera use and the variety of applications and the fact that it comes with an increased capacity of 256GB is a plus! (No pun intended lol)

French Connection wallet:- This ‘mock croc’ wallet is an absolute beaut! I love the fact that the bold black at the edge of the wallet just sets off the metallic look that much more. The purse is spacious, has more than enough space for all your cards, notes and loose coins. And was a bargain from ASOS at £22.00 (they only have the tan croc/black available currently at £19.50)

Lottie The Best Of Brushes Collection Metallic Edition:- I really like the fact that along with the stunning variety of metallic colour of the brushes, each colour represents what brush is used for in make up application. Now if your really basic at makeup application like myself then you will know you need all the help in identifying what brushes are used for which area of your face.

These brushes are in a pack of five for face, blush and eyeshadow and come with a smooth shiny metallic finish. These brushes are beautiful to look at, very easy to use,soft and do the job perfectly. They are an affordable price and can be purchased from either ASOS or Superdrug at £28.

I also bought the Lottie London Blend And Snap Sponge (£5.50) that works like a dream in blending in my concealer and liquid foundation.

With Christmas around the corner I find that the metallic trend can definitely extend from just being a Spring & Summer trend. If your in a giving mood, maybe even make the perfect Christmas pressie for yourself or that someone special!

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